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CQC: Updated Regulation 16 (death notification) form
< April 2020

CQC: Updated Regulation 16 (death notification) form

CQC would like to understand the numbers of deaths that are occurring due to COVID-19, whether suspected or confirmed. To do this, they have updated the Regulation 16 (death notification) form so it can be indicated whether the death was a result of coronavirus (either confirmed or suspected).

CQC are asking that providers use this updated form to provide all Regulation 16 notifications from now on. They are aware that providers may have copies of the form saved locally on their computers – please check to make sure you are using the updated version. You can also bookmark the notification pages, or add them to your favourites, to ensure you are always able to access the most up-to-date form. 

The information you provide will help them develop a more accurate picture of the number of deaths due to COVID-19, which in turn will help them to work with system partners to mobilise the right level of support. It will also help the inform the Government response, so it can put in place appropriate measures to support the health and social care system during this time.

Visit the CQC website to access the updated form.

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