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National recruitment campaign

The national recruitment campaign 'Care for others. Make a difference' is now live! Building upon the Every Day Makes A Difference recruitment campaign it reflects the current urgent recruitment need.

Under the strap line, We need you now. They need you always, adverts are running  across national television, radio, social media and online to inspire people to make a difference now by working in social care.

Norfolk County Council (NCC) will use the increased publicity to help fill local adult social care roles by aligning with the campaign, for example NCC will run a radio advert immediately after the national campaign to maximise exposure to your vacancies on  the Norfolk Care Careers & Jobs website.

What's new?

Recognising the sector need to recruit quickly and easily, DHSC have partnered with the following national job boards who are offering support to help fill these vacancies, this ranges from free job listings to free advertising.

  • Total Jobs Group
  • Reed
  • Monster
  • Indded
  • Target Jobs

Advertising will also signpost to where applicants can go on to search for jobs via these jobs boards, as well as through DWP: Find a Job.  

DHSC has adapted adverts for television, and radio as well as videos and imagery for social media posts to highlight the impact that care workers have on the people they support.

How can you use the campaign to recruit staff?

  • Continue to advertise on Norfolk Care Careers
  • Continue to advertise on DWP Find a Job. Simplified instructions here.
  • Advertise on the jobs boards above. Listings are free for the next four weeks.
  • Supporting the campaign on social media

As well as social media films there is also a new film available thanking care workers. In this film you see how care workers have affected people's lives and how rewarding a career in care can be. 

Please support the campaign on social media by visiting the resource centre and: 

  • Sharing the campaign films adapted for social media using the hashtags #CareForOthers, #MakeaDifference and #ThankyouCareWorkers. 
  • Sharing the "Thank You" video 
  • Creating your own "Thank You video" 

Don’t forget to mention @EverydayIsDifferent and  @CareSectorNfk in your posts so that NCC can share too.

Suggested social media posts:

  • Care workers are incredibly important because when they #CareForOthers they #MakeADifference. Share a picture of thanks to care workers who have helped you #ThankyouCareWorkers
  • There are so many families around the country who have been supported by a care worker. The #CareForOthers, #MakeADifference campaign reminds us of the importance of taking a moment to say #thankyou to these incredible people
  •  We are proud to be supporting the Care for Others Make A Difference campaign. Share a video about why you love your job as a care worker, remember to use the hashtag #ThankyouCareWorkers
  • Kindness and compassion are some of the most important skills you need to be a care worker. What do you think it takes to #MakeADifference

Helen Haycock (Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, Norfolk County Council Adult Social Services)

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