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NCC QA update: New online form for reporting non-urgent safeguarding concerns
< July 2019

NCC QA update: New online form for reporting non-urgent safeguarding concerns

Norfolk County Council has a new set of online forms, which can be used by care homes and are submitted from their website into their social care record system.

The Report an adult at risk of harm form can be used to raise a safeguarding concern when the person or others are not at immediate risk of harm.  Examples include:

  • One resident has injured another resident, neither have capacity, but staff are now keeping both people safe
  • Single medication incident, where the adult did not come to any harm or potential significant harm eg: death or impairment to health which results in permanent increase to a person’s care and support needs. Provider has spoken with GP/relevant health staff and taken steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.
  • An incident of understaffing, resulting in a person’s incontinence pad being unchanged for short period of time. No harm came to the individual. Provider has ensured this will not happen again.
  • Witnessed fall or unwitnessed fall, no injuries occurred, or minor injury requiring brief treatment. Provider has spoken with GP/Health staff. Adult has a falls risk assessment in place and/or appropriate care plan for this area of concern.

The form prompts you to provide all the information that NCC will need to process the safeguarding concern, so should make it quicker and easier for you to raise the concern at any time of day. 

The form is available on the Norfolk County Council website, or use the following link:

My Norfolk Social Care

To submit the form, you will need to register for a My Norfolk Social Care account (the form will take you through this process) using an email address and phone number for authentication. When submitting the form, choose the option for submission “on behalf of someone else in a professional capacity”. This will identify your My Norfolk Social Care account as a professional account which can then be used to make further referrals for other service-users in future. 

You should continue to call NCC on 0344 800 8020 to raise concerns where people may still be at risk of harm.  Examples include:

  • Medication given as restraint
  • Medication given covertly without due process
  • Consecutive/multiple medication incidents (more than 2) involving the same Adult in receipt of care and support.
  • Multiple repeat incidents within the same service/perpetrator
  • Concerns about any abusive or neglectful practice being undertaken by member of staff or family/friends
  • Concerns about possessions/money going missing
  • Concerns about understaffing resulting in individuals not receiving personal care such as washing, changing of clothes etc.

Please also call 0344 800 8020 if you experience any difficulties with using the form and the online troubleshooting guide has not resolved your query. 

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