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What do you know about IDDSI?

The following message was issued to Norfolk's care providers by NCC's QA Team on 27/12/19....

Just prior to Christmas, a family very sadly lost their relative in a Norfolk care service as a result of choking. This incident focuses attention on the importance of measures to minimise this risk.

The Quality Assurance Team visited a number of care services in the lead up to Christmas and found knowledge of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (or IDDSI) was poor or non-existent. If you know that someone you care for has a swallowing difficulty or is at risk of choking then it’s critical that that person has a comprehensive and regularly reviewed care plan for nutrition, and;

In accordance with a current SALT assessment, a menu suited to their specific needs is always provided, and;
Appropriate assistance is available, whenever required.

A really helpful – and locally produced – illustrated brief guide to IDDSI is available on the Knowledge Anglia website. Please do ensure that all your food handlers (catering and care teams) are aware of it and implement it. Include ‘IDDSI spot checks’ as part of your provider/manager audits to evidence that you’re taking all reasonable steps to mitigate against avoidable incidents. Thank you.

From N&SCS: we have added an IDDSI section to the Useful Resources area of our website under Nutrition and Hydration:


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